Do You Want...?

Can you really have a Tax-Free Income? Simply put, yes you can! Ask yourself this...

Do You Want...?

Tax Free Income

Unlimited Contributions (Premiums)

Meaningful Income Tax-Free Death Benefits

Tax-Deferred Growth of Cash Values

Tax-Free Retirement Income

Tax-Free loans at ANY age with no 10% penalty 

Death Benefits & Cash Surrender values are assignable as collateral

No Tax Penalty or Tax Liability when use to secure a loan

No Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's) like IRA or Qualified Plan (401k, 403b or 457 plan so you can defer at age 70 1/2)

No Income Tax Liability on Social Security Retirement Benefits

Simple Administration - NO Financial Planning Fees!

No forms to file with the IRS

Potential Asset Protection from creditors and predators

Exempt form disclosure when applying for College Financial Aid

15 Patents and more pending

Approved by Congress and the IRS (Code Section 101 & 7702)

Underwritten by a Financially Strong Life Insurance Company